• James Mabey

Where can I Make My Career After Graduating from Hotel Schools?

According to UNWTO, nearly 10% of the world’s work force is engaged in travel and tourism, including hospitality

Graduating from a hospitality school will help make a graduate a preferred candidate when applying for jobs in travel and tourism. Of course, experience will always be critical, but when two candidates with similar experience levels apply for the same position, the one with a better education background will often secure the position. The candidate with the academic and training credentials will have the advantage for a number of reasons. Some of those reasons include:

1. Being successful in completing a hospitality program is evidence of ambition, dedication, and a desire for long term growth.

2. The hospitality industry is full of brilliant tacticians, but arguably there is a dearth of holistic strategists. Hotel professionals tend to become very reactive and often times myopic due to the nature of daily operations where quick thinking and the flexibility to solve problems and impress guests are in demand. The flip side of the coin, however, is that those professionals do not focus on honing their strategic skills and often lose sight of long-term perspectives.

Top hotel schools teach their students to think strategically so they can help organizations stay ahead of the trends and on top of their game.

3. Hospitality programs help give students a broader understanding of the interdependence of functions within the industry, and more specifically within hotels. A candidate who understands how the individual pieces support the whole will have more potential as a leader, and add more value to their organization.

Ergo, hospitality graduates are sought after in every aspect of the travel and tourism industry, from hotels, travel agents, and hospitality IT, to transportation businesses such as airlines, as well as government agencies that support economic growth. In addition, it is common for non-industry companies to seek out hospitality graduates for their skills in customer service delivery and recovery. For example, in recent years, banks and other financial sector companies have recruited heavily out of hospitality programs.

The decision to graduate from a hotel school has many benefits that enable a graduate to secure a job in many areas of travel and tourism. This doesn’t mean a hotel school graduate will enter the industry as a hotel GM, however. In fact, a graduate will need to progress through the ranks the same as anyone else. However, a hospitality graduate will move through ranks much more quickly and will be better prepared to accomplish their organization’s goals and objectives.

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