• James Mabey

What happens to hospitality education Post Covid-19?

Hospitality education post Covid-19 is more important than ever. Our industry is plagued with rigidity and resistance to change. (Disagree? go no further for proof then our OTA friends who have thwarted every attempt of hotels to claw back distribution… yes, that’s right… today Marriott’s market cap is USD 26.29B vs. Booking Holdings USD 55.84B) Rigidity is almost baked into our DNA. It may come from the very fact that we build and work in structures that becomes icons and stand the test of time. Or maybe we hold too fast to “time honored traditions.” I think in many cases it is because we have solely “learned to do by doing.” This is a great way to learn, but by itself it is dangerous. The reality is, using this approach alone causes the tendency to be reactive and tactical rather than proactive and strategic. In our current environment, more than ever, we need to be proactive and strategic, not reactive. We are facing events never before faced. Our past experiences alone have not given us the skills to deal with our current challenges. This is why hospitality education is more critical than ever. You don’t go to hotel school to learn how to make a bed (although you may in fact learn that). You go to hotel school to learn to think, learn to analyze, learn to predict, and anticipate. If you want to be prepared to tackle the next black swan, do your self a favor, invest in your education.

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