• James Mabey

The Covid19 Crisis is Not a Game of Global Politics But if it were China has Already Won

Updated: May 23, 2020

But if it were… China has already won... big time.

Late last year the Covid19 crisis struck China. As it began sweeping through Wuhan and the surrounding areas, western media was quick to point out this was to be, “the Chinese government’s greatest threat since the rise of CPC.” But from early on, China was already setting the stage for a triumphant outcome. 

First, the WHO came out early in support of Chinese action to combat the virus. As the situation became worse, the problem quickly became an international crisis, one that would require tough and decisive action. The exact kind of action China has nearly perfected over the years, and for which western countries are ill suited.

Fast-forward a few short weeks, the Chinese economy is coming back to life in many ways. Compared to other countries (i.e. the US) the Chinese casualty numbers are very low and appear very well managed. Are those numbers accurate? Good luck trying to disprove them… as far as Chinese domestic media is concerned, the numbers are right on. 

Chinese are proud of their Government’s actions. The Chinese government decisively set out and executed a plan of attack, leveraged new high-tech solutions, controlled the narrative internally and managed (to a large extent) many aspects of international media coverage.

Now China is rushing around the globe offering aid by way of medical expertise, supplies, and cash. Talk about being “the hero of your own story.” Touché China, touché.

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